Residential Real Estate


The most important core strategy in the orientation of TTC Land's sustainable development model is the development of the residential real estate business. This is our core business, and it generates a lot of value in terms of profit and revenue. It also affirms TTC Land's position and reputation in the real estate market.

TTC Land is now creating three primary product lines under the trademarks Carillon, Jamona, and Charmington to suit the diverse demands of customers from various market groups.

Operational Scale

The imprints of TTC Land include Jamona Golden Silk, Carillon Apartment, Carillon 3, Carillon 5, Charmington Lapointe, Jamona Home Resort projects, etc. TTC Land is one of the leading property developers in the real estate market to be honored BCI Asia Award in ‘Top 10 Developers in Vietnam for 2019’.

Strengths and Development Orientation

TTC Land will continue to pursue sustainable development in residential real estate in the future, including many formats such as apartments (from mid-end to high-end level), shop houses, villas, and land plots, thanks to its unique strengths such as land fund, financial potential, brand value, strategic partners, closed investment chain, and others. Besides that, TTC Land is finalizing legal formalities for land fund ownership in order to establish new product sectors to suit consumer demand.

Commercial Real Estate


TTC Land owns about 59,476 m2 of office & commercial space area for lease serving for business activities, shopping, and entertainment demands of customers. This business activity generates a stable source of income for the company.

Commercial space for lease meets diverse business demands, attracting many high-class brands such as Lotte Cinema, Lotteria, Auchan, Vinmart, Coopfood, Highland, etc; It also creates a vibrant economic development area and potentially bring high returns for investors.

Operational Scale

It takes maximum 04 years of the investment time into one project from the beginning until the leasing stage, in which legal formalities take the first 2 years then construction and sales to be finished in the last 2 years. Obviously, TTC Land's commercial floor leasing projects are located in the areas of Ho Chi Minh City, the urban areas of other provinces and cities, where the population density is high and the commercial activities are always busy.

Commercial property leasing projects at TTC Land include TTC Plaza Binh Thanh, TTC Plaza Duc Trong, TTC Plaza Au Co, Belleza, Jamona Heights, Jamona City, Charmington La Point, Carillon 7, etc.


TTC Land's commercial space leasing locations are always highly evaluated by customers for their comfortable space and favorable conditions. With the motto of customer's profit to be the company’s priority, TTC Land always invest lots of care into every project before handing it over to the customer and we specifically always adapt the rental rate to suit each period to accompany consumers to develop together and overcome the difficulties of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Development orientation

TTC Land will extend commercial real estate development in the future based on the current sufficient land fund to provide a variety of premises for retail organizations, local and foreign investors.

Service Real Estate

Property Service


Target to increase property values, TTC Land is gradually completing the process of building closed property chain. In recent years, TTC Land has not only built the brand with the right product lines for each customer but also developed quickly closed chain to increase competency and value for the properties.

TTC Land's chain value does not come from its name, but it has formed the property supply chain system from investment, design, project construction, marketing, distribution, management and operation stages of project.

Operational Scales and strengths

With the closed property process, TTC Land has taken the initiative and control all stages in the operation, especially reducing expenses to offer the best price for customers. At present, besides Project Management division, TTC Land also owns 02 key subsidiaries specializing in real estate services:

- TTC Land Services has more than 13 years of experience in consulting, marketing fields, and distributing properties in the Vietnam market, TTC Land Services' team has advantages of understanding the market, intensive customer insights, and especially large sources of customer data, which help us reach our customers quickly and efficiently.

- TTC Land Management provides management services, building operation, and exploitation of other property-related services. At this stage, TTC Land Management is diversifying services and enhancing professionalism to manage both TTC Land's projects and other partners' ones.


TTC Land's achievement in developing a property chain is driving the industry in a new direction. The main goal of a closed property chain is to create sustainable value for life and to build prosperous and humane communities.