Charmington Dragonic

"Charmington Dragonic is the most luxurious project in District 5 to bring joyful and prosperous life to residents, inspired by The Peak (Hong Kong's highest peak, home to the richest, including billionaire Jack Ma).

The "Two Dragons flying" to the top of the mountain terrain is depicted in the architectural design. The Dragon image is integrated into the base and top of the tower, the body of the tower is the art of arranging cubes, and the laminate cover system creates dragon scales. At the base block, a dragon twirls its tail and swims in the ""sea of water,"" while at the top of the tower, a dragon flies with its head up.

District 5, Cho Lon, a bustling business district, is a historical landmark in Saigon's development history spanning more than 300 years. The special terrain is located on the gateway to the west of the city with many arterial roads and waterways, which brings the land abundant of vitality to be chosen by many people as a residence and make it the largest business and commercial center in the South of Vietnam.

For the first time in Saigon - Cho Lon's history, a business-class apartment emerged on the most desirable land in District 5, carrying with it a new breath, a new style, and a new life value.



Location: Center of District 5 – front of Vo Van Kiet Boulevard

Total area: 5,077.30 m2

Scale: 03 basements and 35 floors

- 01st and 02nd floor: Shophouses

- 3rd to 6th floor: Shopping mall

- 7th to 35th floor: Apartment

Construction density:

- Base block: 53.5%

- Tower block: 33%

- Number of apartments: 436 five-star apartments & 13 shophouses"


Prime central location

Located in the heart of District 5, adjacent to District 1, with three main street frontages: Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, and Tan Da; one river frontage (Tau Hu canal) with a 360-degree view of the city; and five rare golden values of the five blessings of real estate products: close to the city, the river, the main road, the hospital, and the school.

Charmington Dragonic


"Charmington Dragonic - Garden life – European standard SmartHome

The most comfortable and luxurious apartment with a SmartHome remote control system that meets European standards. With customized furnishings reflecting the owner's identity, the harmonized green balcony garden transforms each apartment into a hanging villa.

Charmington Dragonic – Gather the lavish worlds

Dragonic brings together all of the greatest essential elements of luxury to provide residents with the most elegant 5-star internal facilities, meeting all of their demands for eating, living, relaxing, and enjoying the most glamorous, business standard, turning every day at Charmington Dragonic into a 5-star journey.

Infinity pool, surfing, and swimming pool for kids

There is nothing more wonderful than experiencing exciting surfing right in the center of the city, without long traveling to the beaches. The first 3m-high wave pool in Vietnam turns a sport that seems only on TV shows into real experiences.

Artificial waterfall

The waterfall, which flows down from the building, is inspired by the upstream waterfall - the representation of the water element that brings money and prosperity to the residents of Charmington Dragonic, while also depicting a charming landscape and cooling the air in the pool as well as in the hanging garden.

Quintessential cuisine

The high-class restaurant system, serving luxury cuisines, will take you on a journey to uncover the essence of world-famous cuisines and experience the ""Emperor"" in the culinary paradise.

The central air purification system

The innovative air purification technology removes layers of contaminants and harmful components, including nano dust, bringing in the fresh air and protecting residents' breathing and respiratory systems

Shopping Mall

The world of high-end fashion, with the most luxurious brands, is ideal for Charmington Dragonic ‘s business-class residents.


Perfect, luxurious, and unique internal utility system:

Security – Operation

Fire door

5-layer security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Professional operation management meeting 5-star standard

Interior design

Ceiling cassette air conditioner

An hourly-controlled lighting system in the corridor

European hardwood floor

Complete smart home design

Water heater

Well-equipped kitchen


- Luxury reception hall meeting 5-star hotel standard

- Identified parking lot service (one car per apartment)

- Smart Office

- Central air purification system

- Water filtration system providing drinking water quality directly from the tap

- BBQ Garden

- Infinity pool, children's pool

- Wave pool

- Bar at the pool

- Artificial waterfall

- Eco-garden

- Biological water purification technology applied for swimming pool

- Sauna room (dry and wet)

- 3D Golf

- Modern Yoga & Fitness center

Additional amenities (with extra fees)

- SPA & Beauty Salon

- Cigar Lounge

- Night Club

- Wine cellar

- 5-star Asian-European restaurant

- Coffee Shop

- 24-hour privileged butler service"


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