The project features 99 luxury shophouses with a series of high-class internal amenities such as an infinity pool, shell-shaped opera house, photo shoot place with many highlights of construction including the windmill, countdown pillar, light square, 3-star & 4-star restaurant chains, beach bars, etc. Especially, there is a walking street with nearly 100 leading brands of food, fashion, entertainment, and many unique festival activities. Additionally, the shopping mall and entertainment area promise to be an interesting check-in place for locals and tourists, helping visitors release the pressures in life, become younger, re-generate energy for new journeys.

The project name is inspired by the number 99, with the expectation of bringing luck and success to the owners of the shophouses as well as to the visitors. The name Ninetynine also generates a special impression, as it does not overlap with the names of other real estate companies.



Ninety-nine commercial and entertainment street is part of a resort villa development that covers up to 153 hectares. The vivid Magical pedestrian street emerges as a unique bridge connecting two very different worlds.

The area along both sides of the street promises to be a busy and bustling shopping and entertainment place in An Thoi town belongs to the south of the island thanks to the luxurious and sophisticated design of 99 shophouses with 4-story height in the liberal and random style.

99 shophouses gather famous brands from various areas including fashion, cuisine, convenience grocery, spa, and so on, forming a shopping and entertainment pedestrian street next to the bustling but very classy bay. "



  • The colors in Ninety Nine are vivid, symbolic of modern commercial avenues in European countries. The amenities are sophisticated and unique in order to bring tourists with a complete experience, such as the shell-shaped opera house, beach bar, 5-star restaurant, infinity pool together with “check-in"" miniatures, which can't be ignored, such as massive windmills, glossy countdown pillars, and magnificent sailor club in wooden ship.
  • Ninety-nine becomes more lively and colorful at night, with activities such as street music concerts, a caravan parade, or harmonizing your mind in the night sea while sipping cocktails on the magnificent beach.
  • Ninety Nine is a song that composes many emotions including magnificent feeling, colorful shades and soothing natural scenes, bringing visitors wonderful experiences.
  • Ninety Nine is a place where we can wash away our sorrows and burdens in order to live a more vibrant life, full of joy and peace of mind, and the source of amazing emotions. "



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